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This is my first time to post here and I hope I don't mess it up! I am in the middle of the wavy linen towel pattern and I love it. There is a nice rhythm to the pattern between the 5 garter stitches at the edge. I have knitted a shawl out of the linen and it softens like a dream when you wash and dry it.

I have made one of the felted boxes and will soon complete a whole set. If you make them, remember there is a tiny correction: you should be double stranding and using a #15 needle.

But the big news is I whipped out a baby kimono for the newest addition to our family. It done in stockinette with the yarn over becoming buttonholes for the beads. I knitted with Blue Sky's Organic Cotton, my fave. My sister's sister-in-law and her partner adopted Isaiah a few weeks ago and I had the sweater done in two days. No joke.

I just Love that baby kimono. I am just finishing one for my nieve due in July. I am also making some of the bibs. I love your cute!
Thanks so much.

The "buttons" are from none other than Oriental Trading Company. I had them in my classroom for the kids to practice spelling with and they were perfect and super cheap.
Okay, I love the baby kimono but I have to say that the baby is just too cute!!
Awesome! I have a kimono started (as well as two other projects) and seeing your's looking so wonderful on that cute little baby is just the inspiration I needed to get me back on track. Thanks!
OMG! That baby looks sooo happy to have such a beautiful new kimono. I have a new great neice on the way and after seeing this picture, the kimono will be the first (of many) projects for her. Gotta get over to Oriental Trading and get some of those "buttons"!
Robin--THAT BABY is so adorable. Clearly pleased to be properly attired in a baby kimono. xoxoxoxx
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