Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Answering questions

I'm just wondering how we should answer questions that show up in our comments section. Is it best to answer right there with the comments, or write up a new posting like this? Since it's a knitalong, I know we want to be able to ask and answer about our work!

To answer a couple of questions about my log cabin blanket, below on the chair in the sunshine, my pattern might look different because 1) the Plymouth cotton yarn is more of a heavy worsted weight than the Tahki that was suggested(my LYS didn't have the right colors in the Tahki), and 2)I's actually making mine more like the blue stepped blanket from the book. My original plan was to make it rectangular by doing this, but it's still turning out to be more of a square. SO, I'll either make up for that later, or go with the square shape.

I have eight colors, and 2 or 3 skeins of each. I don't plan to continue with all the colors--I'm going to stop using the pastel shades, and just continue with the deeper, brighter colors further out. It's about a yard square at this point.

I wasn't sure I'd like knitting with the cotton, since I had a bad experience once before. Someone convinced me to spring for the addi turbo needles, and they were right. I generally prefer bamboo, but with this yarn, the addis are making it a much more pleasurable experience.

This is a good topic. Lets please answer questions in the comment section. This will help organize the question...and then the answer because everything is in one place. Also, it will conserve bandwidth by minimizing the amount of new posts to "new subjects". Let me know if this makes sense.
I was curious about your yarn. It is larger I think than the one used in the book. That might make it go quicker which I know is a problem for some..... me.. I am always in a hurry to finish so I can see the final product.
Christina, is there anyway to be notified if there is a comment added to something you have posted? Or do we just need to keep visiting?
I use Google desktop at home so it lets me know whenever anything new is posted, but away from home... sniff.. I don't have it.
It makes perfect sense, Cristina. Thanks for answering so promptly.

Cindra, yes, this yarn is quite a different gauge. I would call it a heavy worsted weight. It is Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, 100% cotton. I am a fast knitter anyway, but this is going much faster than I thought it would. It is lovely to work with, but it will be quite a heavy blanket when finished.
Thank you... I am going to have to invest in some of those colors and try it out. What size needle do you use?
I'm using circular addi turbos--sz 8. (I think they're 32" long)
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