Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Baby Bib Embellishments

I decided to embellish a couple of the baby bibs with a little crocheted edge.

I think they turned out real cute!

Those are so cute. Did you use the Peaches and Cream for those?
these are sooooo sweet!! i love the colors.
Thanks for the compliments. I used Peaches and Cream for one and Sugar and Cream for the other--but don't remember which is which.
Those ARE cute!
...and you are right. They are really cute. Well done!
Dang, it almost makes me wish I had pregnant friends! My 15 year old niece probably wouldn't appreciate them much. Tres, Tres adorable!
Love them! What crochet edging did you use?
super cute!
Super duper cute! It almost makes me want to re-learn crochet.
what pattern did you use for the edging?
Katy and Lindsey, I don't know the name of the crochet stitch/pattern I used on the bibs, but this is what I did: I did a row of single crochet around the edge, then on the next row I did a single crochet, chained three, slip stitch in the same stitch, then single crochet in the next two stitches and repeat. I learned to crochet at about the same time I learned to knit--40 some years ago. But, I don't know much about crochet and have to admit I'm not even sure if I'm doing the stitches correctly. I should get a book!
The edging on that really ups the sweetness factor. Very cute!
the edging is a fantastic idea and one the i will have to remember to do. simply fantastic and much in the nature of the book as well!
the edging is a sweet touch. very cute.
thanks melissa! i will be doing this on my furture girlie bibs! great idea and thank you for sharing the pattern!
very cute!
Those are lovely. Now, I wish I could figger out this crochet business. It kinda frightens me. Your photography is lovely, too.
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