Friday, May 12, 2006


Baby Log Cabin from Stash

I love the log cabin design and have a friend that is going to have her third little girl. She has enough pink, purple and yellow, soooooo... I went through my stash and found some Rown soft baby in these two colors. I added some green ribbon, also in my stash, as an accent so the the lines of the log cabin would pop more. My problem is... I only had two of the green and one of the cream, do I create four of these 12X13 sqaures and sew them together? Or do I continue with the single log cabin and maybe add another soft color? I have a purple accent ribbon of the same brand? I could add a a baby soft lavender. Help? Everyone here is so talented I would love input.

Hi Cindra, both sounds good, with one more color added you have more to play around with. Two tone can be nice too. You know it's up to you and by the way as soon as you put the needles to your yarn, you are creative yourself! You can do it! Looking forward to see your finished Log Cabin.
Both options sound good. The lavendar might really set off the other colors.
The blanket looks great!
Cindra, I'd love to know more about how you used the ribbon. Could you post some more photos and an explanation? it really looks sharp!
OOH, very pretty! I love the idea of making the lines stand out with ribbon! (why didn't I think of that? lol) Gosh, I'd have a hard time deciding about the color thing's very pretty as is, but I agree with Monika that adding one more gives you more room to play. I suspect either one will turn out terrif.
I'd either add a third color, or get more of one of the others and then just continue log "cabinning" in a solid color until you reach your desired size. That would really highlight the center portion. That ribbon is a beautiful addition.
I love the colors and the ribbon sets it all off perfectly. Either option would look good. I have to say I really like what you have so far.
Wow! I really like it and love the ribbon... Boy, I never thought I would have love and ribbon in the same sentence. So, close-ups please! How did you do it?
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and ideas. I went to my local favorite yarn shop and they didn't have any other colors that might work so I got another of the green.... no cream available. So I think I am just going to continue with the green and maybe something will inspire me. I am going to upload a detail picture for those who asked.
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