Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Ballband Baby Bib

It was the peer pressure. I really wanted a baby bib to be my next project. But, I hadn't knitted a warshrag yet, and all the cool kids were knitting them and I wanted to fit in. So I casted on for a warshrag and set to work, very much enjoying the colors of the yarns I had chosen. And when it came time to cast off, I looked at my little warshrag and said, "Looks like a baby bib to me!" So that is what it became.

Technical details for the curious: This is sugar and cream yarn and I used a size 7 circular to work back and forth. Followed the ballband pattern to the letter, but then morphed into baby bib pattern. Casted off 21 stitches for center of neck, leaving 12 stitches each side for straps. Worked straps for 5 inches a piece, with a 4 stitch buttonhole at the 4 inch mark on the left strap. If you carry unused color up the side of the work like I do, you will want to cast off the neck stitches on a wrong side row so the yarn gets back to the right edge of the work where you need it. Work the right strap first, then reattach both yarns to work left strap. The button is a stray from my button stash. My mother made it several years ago during her Sculpy clay obsession. It's a little big, but the colors just matched too well to use something else! (Not obvious from my driveway photo, but trust me, it's perfect) My daughter says the bib is too pretty to get baby food on, but I'm sure there's a glamourpuss rugrat out there that will appreciate it.

i kept waiting for someone to do this! it is such a great idea and so beautifully done. keep up the good work!
Positively adorable! Great job!
Wonderful! I love the colors too :)
this rocks!! what a way to merry two obsessions into one!
This is WAY cute! I love your colors!
the bib is awesome!
Great idea - and so well executed. Just adorable.
Nice adaptation!
My first washrag is still on my needles, but I believe it's also destined to become a baby bib. Thank you for the great idea... I only have two months to get it done for a friend!
Looks great! Would I be too much of a copy cat if I tried one?
No way, Jose! Copy all you want, this site is about inspiring each other, right? It isn't hard to do, but I'm happy to advise if you hit a bump.
oh, now THAT is an idea!! (applause)
Just when I thought I was over dishrags...
What are the colours you used? They are delicious.
This is Sugar and Cream and the colors are sage green (the solid) and jewels (the ombre.
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