Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Boy Knits Warshcloth!

Ballband Washcloth

Here it is in all it's glory--the Ballband Washcloth knit out of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, ready to be given to Satya (older brother of the baby for whom I made the kimono earlier).

The young man who'll be receiving this will find wrapped inside it a bottle of green-apple-scented antibacterial foaming hand wash--something else every five-year-old boy needs.

I think I see a burp cloth and some bibs in my future...

Thanks again, Ann and Kay, and cheers to everyone for all these terrific finished projects!

David Demchuk

Great color choice. I like the robot you made too. Hope to see more of your knitting in the future.
Ooh, very nice! And a cool idea to bundle it with the soap. :-) I'm taking notes...
Now that is a manly sized washcloth. I love the colors. You know you can't just knit one of those things. And I thought socks made you compulsive ;)
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