Thursday, May 25, 2006


Bubbly Curtain update from Suzanne

I, too, was not crazy about the curtain pattern in the book when I first looked at it. But the more I thought about it, the more I saw the possibilities! I used 100% cotton Catania. It's pretty slippery- I worked with #9 bamboo needles and found the combination was good. Not too slippy, but still good speed. I did block the curtain- I pinned it down and used water and spray starch to set it. I may take it down and starch it a bit more. It's starting to pull in a bit.

Thank you Suzanne for the update.
I have more or less decided to use the Euroflax yarn since I do get some sun through this window and the linen should hold up quite well under these conditions.
Sadly, it will have to wait for a while,
too many UFO's :=((

Am still wondering though about width,
my window is only 10" wide x 58" L,
maybe 15" will give me a soft gather
and still show the bubbles nicely?
Any thoughts???
Hi Knitomi!
I would love to try the curtain in the Euroflax. Let me know how you like working with it when you do get around to it. I think your 10" width would still be pretty. It should still be drapey. The chart repeats so many times across the width that i think you would still get a lovely bubbly effect with fewer repeats.
What else are you doing currently? I would like to try the felted boxes. Have you tried them? I think they would be cool. Take care and Happy Knitting!
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