Thursday, May 25, 2006


bubbly curtain

It's my first time posting...I just had to share the bubbly curtain from the book! At first I thought it was too rustic for me- but I am now completely thrilled with how it turned out. In fact- my husband wants me to knit a matching one for our front door! I used Schachenmeyer's Catania 100% cotton yarn. I would love to see other people's curtains as well. Thanks-

I love it!!!!!
Oh...I love it!

Just beautiful!
It's gorgeous. I feel another MD project coming on...........
OH WOW - that is beautiful I didn't think I would do that but now I am rethinking this ---
I am totally impressed, absolutely love it!!!

Could you tell us a bit more, f.e. how you liked working with the yarn, did you block it etc.

I have a window by the door, it's only 10" wide,
am wondering if a lightly gathered curtain will still show the lovely bubbles?????
That is simply lovely!
Just delightful!
I'm with knitomi. More details would be great. I'd really like to try this too.
Wow Suzanne - that looks really smart! I must admit I wasn't really that keen on the look of the one in the book but yours looks fantastic!
that curtain looks great on your door! ;)
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