Tuesday, May 09, 2006


chevron hand towel

i made this for my mom for mother's day using euroflax willow and cream. the euroflax was uncomfortable to work with but the towel that came out of the dryer is so soft and drapey, it was worth it.

i'm a very slow purler so this took me almost three weeks of knitting an hour or two a night to complete.

i think the pattern has a couple of mistakes:
1. for row 6, the row should start with k5 to make the cool garter stitch border.
2. the pattern says to repeat the first 12 rows (not including the first five rows of garter stitch) 26 times. i repeated the first 12 rows 12.5 times and the finished towel matched the finished size listed on the pattern. if you repeat the rows 26 times i think the towel would turn into a scarf (?!) which would be really cute.

i fnished a ballband dishcloth on sunday and i am going to start another tonight. i LOVE this book!

This is beautiful...thanks for posting the pattern change ideas! I love the colors you chose...
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