Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Dishcloths A Plenty, Dishcloths Galore!

Well, here are my Mother's Day Dishcloths. I did the larger one just like the pattern, and the smaller one casting on 33 sts and lining up the middle rows for a little dishcloth craziness.

These were both made from Sugar n Cream, and they were presented complete with a cute retro-looking bottle of great smelling dish soap. It was a big hit with mom, and now I have other dishcloth requests coming in. These are the Lay's potato chips of knitting, you can't make just one!

I like the idea of a smaller one and I soooo plan on doing one soon.
I have been doing the smaller size also. They seem to fit my hand better. Nice gifts. Would you like to be adopted, my daughter doesn't knit ;-)
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