Sunday, May 21, 2006


First UFO's

Useful Finished Objects! MDK is such a fun book. I've read a lot of knitting books, but this one just makes me want to pick up my needles and GO!

Here is the linen towel and exfoliating wash cloth I made for my Mom for Mother's Day. I used the Euroflax, and the towel is 13" x 20", with a 2" seedstitch hem at each end, and 5-stitch border of the same along the sides. There was a 50 gram ball left from the original 270 grams, so a quick trip to the calculator showed me that I could knit 64 square inches with what was left. It made an 8" x 8" rough face cloth with an Idiot-cord border and loop, knit on needles one size larger than the towel to give a looser texture. At first the linen bothered my fingers, but I quickly got used to it. I may just have to make the adult kimono!

And here is my first washcloth - I just love the combination of sage green and deep periwinkle! It's still too pretty to use, but I'm hoping to take the plunge in a day or two.

Such fun!

I LOVE the colors of your warshrag, really looks nice.
They are beautiful and hard to use but just dunk it in the soapy water and enjoy! I love them!
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