Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Hand Towel and Bubbly Curtain

So I was in Nashville visiting my children and was at that wonderful yarn shop, Angel Hair Yarn, sitting out the tornado that devastated Gallatin, Tn. and not only discovered the Mason-Dixon Knitting book but, also, had plenty of time to peruse it. Had to have it! The first thing I knitted was the Chevron hand towel for my daughter, using the Euroflax Originals sport weight, and had enough to knit a face cloth using the same pattern. Then on to the bubbly curtains for my son's laundry room which has two windows and a long window in the door. Finished one of the curtains and have the one for the door on the needles. I'm using Aunt Lydia's crochet thread #3 knowing I could never afford the Euroflax linen yarn for all those windows. Oh my, what fun these curtains are to knit! The picture of the curtain was made hanging in my widow, which it obviously doesn't fit, before I sent it off to Nashville.

My first blog....Lord help me!

I love the curtain! It looks amazing even if it doesn't fit your window! Thanks for the tip about the thread/yarn substitution also!
what colors did you use on the handtowel? black and grey or navy and grey? i really like it.
Thanks Mary Heather. It was a blast to knit and knit up quickly.
Bean-Dip, I used black and tan. My daughter uses a black/white color scheme. So hope this goes well with it.
I just love it. Both are great. I'm going to make the curtains for my front door on both sides. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
the curtain is amazing!! i love it...i wasn't super excited about the random pattern (i'm kinda anal that way)...but after seeing what you've done, i'm loving it!! and i'm inspired to make one!! yay...thanks
What a beautiful curtain! I MUST make it for my bathroom window. The cost of the euroflax scared me away at first; but the Aunt Lydia's fits my budget perfectly. Off to Hobby Lobby!
That is a superfab curtain. It looks great in that window. Excellent choice!
Your curtain(s) is/are BEAUTIFUL! I have a lot of a comparable weight thread that I "inherited" from a friend who truly did inherit it from her mother who used to do a lot of tatting and crocheting. I think I know what my next project will be...thanks for the inspiration!
Wow, those are both wonderful! You are ambitious to knit so many curtains. They are beautiful.
Okay, curtains are definately on my list now! Especially with the substitution tip!
Your work is sooooooooooo lovely:)
Wow everybody...thanks! Sounds like there is going to be a run on crochet thread. Can't wait to see all those curtains. Like I said they knit up quickly and you'll be hanging them up in no time.
Can you tell us more about this crochet thread? Weight, colors, cost? Thanks ~ curtains look great!
LOVE the curtain! I'm gonna have to alter the pattern to fit my wee bathroom window, but I can't wait to get started!
About the crochet tread. It's Aunt Lydia's crochet thread #3. Doesn't say anything about the weight but it seemed to be close to the Euroflax linen I used on the hand towel. Bridal White is the color. This crochet thread comes 150 yards to the ball and hope you're sitting down 'cause it cost $1.57 a ball at Walmart. I had to go to a #8 needle to get the gauge but I knit EXTREMELY tight. My daughter says I have a death grip on the yarn and I do believe she's right! It took close to 4 balls to do the 27"+35"curtain. Hope this helps.
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I've got to measure my windows and then off to wal-mart I go!!!
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