Friday, May 19, 2006


Has anyone done any knitting with rags yet?

I think that it is sooooooooooo beautiful and would love to know how it's going for people if they have. I have yet to try. Has anyone found a place to buy rag balls or do we have to make them ourselves? If you have made rag balls, how did it go? Any tips? I love the bath mat and want to try it.

So far I have made a dishcloth and am half way through the baby kimono (white garter-stitch). My dishcloth is currently wet and in my sink, so I can't take a picture, but will post one later.

when you say rags.........I think of tearing up stuff. I have seen fabric strips at Hobby Lobby that you can knit with. They have kits and then they just have the strips you can buy and knit with. Or, you can just go to the discount table choose something with great colors and make strips yourself. Knit On!!
I was at a thrift shop last week, and found 2 balls in the yarn bin. THey were like 59 cents a ball, but i don't think its enough to do anything with. I'll post pics when i get them taken.
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