Saturday, May 13, 2006


It's Growing!

We are having some fun now, aren't we? I love everyone's variations on the blanket patterns. I think I'm making very good progress on mine. This photo shows it in its natural habitat (the room which inspired my color choices). As I mentioned before, I have already purchased yarn for one for my 17 year old daughter's room. Last night she was looking at the book, and saw the Moderne blanket version. She said, "Oh, I LIKE that!". Good thing these patterns are really flexible. I think she liked the more contemporary look of that one. No matter, I'll just use the yarn and improvise it into something more like that. Flexibility is the key in knitting and mothering a teenager. Knit on, everyone!

Your blanket is really looking wonderful! How big are you going to go?
I'm looking forward to seeing your daughter's blanket, too. What colors are you using in that one?
lovely -- the colors are beautiful -- what yarn did you use?
That is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the colors :)
This is beautiful - wonderful choice of colors. Shirley
Thanks, everyone. I'm using Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, which is a heavy worsted cotton. I'm not sure how large it will be yet. I'll just know when it's big enough. My daughter's blanket will be in some pretty funky colors to match her room. Keep an open mind here...magenta, red, yellow, lime green, royal blue, and black. Her room is recently redecorated and has had high teenager approval from her friends. It should be an interesting blanket.
Beautiful and really neat stitching. I swear I thought it was a woven quilt!
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