Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's a warshrag - NO, it's a SPA MITT !

Looked at the finished warshrag,
decided it was destined for more!
Sewed up 2 seams -
voila -
now it is fit for the spa :=))

OMG! Love it! I can just imagine it with a cute little gift card "recipe" for a honey-milk bath. Nice creativity!
It looks great! I love the idea.
Adorable! How creative..just when I thought I had my wash cloth mania under control:)
LOVE the yarn! What did you use?
Now that is cool!
Great idea, great colors and great photo.
Ava, I used "Sugar'n Cream" for both the natural color (#0004) and the variegated (#02244).

Many thanks for all the nice comments, this is my first FO from the MD book - which btw my wonderful daughter, a very creative knitter, introduced me to.
Can't wait for the sequel, surely there will be one !!!??
Kay and Ann are you listening??????
yes that's an awesome idea.
It's a beautiful thing. There will be lots more of those--great idea! Thanks for posting.
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