Sunday, May 14, 2006


Kimono for Sia

Kimono for Sia
Hi all--like everyone here, I too have been loving Mason Dixon Knitting since basically the day it came out.

Here is the baby kimono I made for newborn baby Sia in Dubai (parents Abhishek and Jyoti), where the days are hot hot hot but the air conditioning is freeeeeeeeeeezing cold.

As you can see, it turned out quite well--the hardest part was choosing the ribbon!

I also just finished a ballband washcloth for Sia's big brother Satya, but I have yet to give it a good wash and dry. I'll post it soon.

David Demchuk

It's so sweet! I got a little carried away viewing the photos on Flickr. What is the slouch?
Slouch is a Rowan denim sweater, and--lovely as it is--it is the bane of my existence. Because it's denim, you knit it extra long in anticipation of shrinkage. I'm knitting a women's medium--the back is currently the size of my couch. Three seater. :) You can see a pic of it here: -- and yes, that bleach all over it is intentional.
I saw the picture! That's a marathon of movies sweater.... all that straight knitting! Can't wait to see the finish.
That is beautiful!!! With all of these wonderful baby kimonos, I am itching to make one. No babies in the family or friends expecting yet so I might just have to make one for my niece's baby doll!
Believe me, it's so enjoyable and satisfying to make, you'll want to knit one so that you'll have it around "just in case."
Now there's a thought.. have one sitting around spare just in case... great concept! Must do!
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