Sunday, May 14, 2006


a kimono question?

Ok - I am making a week of kimonos- how timely - I have a baby shower in a week. I have ordered a rainbow of peaches and cream - LOVE this yarn. But I do have a question. The picture of the kimono in the MD book has an interesting stitch - I don't think its garter or stockingknit. Is it a seed stitch or just a trick of the camera? Also - and just my opinion - the yarn over makes too big a loop - I pulled out and did the make one increase and so much nicer. Love this book - love this blog! - Serafina

I think it is a trick of the lighting. Although you could use any stitch you liked. But garter stitch is nice and stretchy, so it would fit longer.
I'm a HUGE fan of a yarn over increase and then knitting through the back loop next go around. It twists the stitch to cover the hole. Useful in many circumstances.
Suzanne - yes this works better in a garter stitch. I am working on kimono number 2 in k/p and its nice but not as comfy.

Thanks Ravi I will try that!
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