Thursday, May 25, 2006


Lookie, a whole basket of Peaches & Creme! My boys and I went to Wal-Mart the other day to look for it after trying all of the local craft stores and striking out at every single one. One of every available color, and two in solids, please! I was honestly a little hesitant in trying this cotton yarn, because a few years ago I knitted a washcloth with Sugar and Cream and just didn't like it. I am, however, really enjoying this yarn.

I love yarn, and the colors that you chose are very nice. So, what's with the peaches & cream? Is it inexpensive? Is it good to work with? Also, what projects are you planning on using these on?
I fell in love with the colors and had to bring home one of each. It's *so* inexpensive - these were $1.27 a ball, 56.7 grams per ball (I have no clue what the yardage is, unfortuantely). I can get two washcloths out of two balls by switching the Main Color and Contrasting Color. It is easily one of the softest non-mercerized cottons I've ever worked with. These will probably grow into a few more washcloths, and then some baby bibs for a good friend who's wee one is due in July.
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