Friday, May 19, 2006


Mason-Dixon in the Midwest

Hi all! I just joined in, and I've already had a great time seeing how everyone else has made their own version of patterns from the book. Here's my second washcloth, which is amazing considering that I thought knitted washcloths were, well, silly. I was a young, naive knitter, what did I know?! And, yes, that's another Log Cabin Baby blanket. I'm knitting it in greens and blues, for the impending arrival of a baby boy to a dear friend.

The baby blanket is wonderful. I love seeing the many different flavors of this pattern. Each one beautiful. What kind of yarn did you use?
Thank you! I'm not usually a big fan of green and blue, but these shades are addictive. I just used Tahki Cotton Classic.
Aaaah, you used the varigated colors. Another good look.
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