Friday, May 12, 2006


MD warshcloth

Here is my washcloth. I really liked knitting it, except has anyone else noticed an error in the pattern? In round 22 you end with 30 stitches. In Round 24 it says to [Ssk, k1, k2tog, psso} 6 times (18stitches). I think the error is the psso, you haven’t slipped a stitch in the sequence that you can pass and the stitch counts won’t work out if you pass a stitch over anything. I left it out and it worked fine. I did the psso in the next even round #26 just like it says to though. I checked for errata on Mason-Dixon Knitting and the publisher's site, but couldn't find any . I’m crossing out the round 24 psso in my book though. What did the rest of you do when you knitted it?


i did find an error-- and i havenow made 8 of these suckers (but i realized it on the first). i ommitted the psso in row 24, but worked everything else the same in that row. i followed 26 stitch for stitch and it worked out find. Yep, you are right.
Exact same workaround I did, just eliminate the psso on row 24.
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