Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The MDK Euroflax bath robe is now my constant companion at our Stitch 'n Bitch meet ups. Everyone who (isn't a knitter) hears that I'm knitting a bathrobe is completely shocked. Questions asked are: "Why would you do that?", "Well! Won't that be sexy?", "You can't BUY a bathrobe?". My answers are: "Why not?", "I hope so.", and "Yes, I can buy a bathrobe, but what fun would that be?". As a knitter you understand, right? There isn't a time frame for finishing the robe and because the only time given to this project is chatting time, it might grow more slowly than other projects. But, the stockinette is a nice stitch for the stringy yarn of Euroflax and it's an easy, enjoyable knit in social situations. A few rows here, a few rows there...it's all good.

I also made up more of the round MDK washcloths for a Princess' 4th birthday party. She may not have been impressed but I know she'll like them once bath time comes around.


i love the colors of everything! just beautiful!
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