Thursday, May 18, 2006


MDK Felted Boxes

Hi, all! My first MDKAL project has been the felted boxes, which I knitted in three yarns other than Kay's Nebraskan choice: Lopi Lite, Paton's Classic Merino and Cascade 220. I adjusted needle size accordingly, although several were knit on 11s before I learned that Kay wanted me to use 15s instead of the 10s my book specs. Visit my blog for details and another photo or two. I put some through the fulling cycle twice, whether by accident or on purpose. Here's hoping my daughter's preschool teachers are pleased with their handmade year-end gifts of thanks. Now, on to blankets and curtains and the inevitable warshrags!

They look fantastic! Maybe that's what I'll knit book just arrived.
Wow! The boxes will make great gifts!
Thanks for posting these felted boxes. I am interested in trying them, and it's great to see that yours turned out so well. I love the big blue/aqua one!
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