Monday, May 08, 2006


Moss Grid Hand Towel!

Here are a couple of pictures of my completed Moss Grid Hand Towel...I modified the pattern a little bit and used Queensland Collection Cotolino Yarn because I couldn't get the Euroflax that the pattern called for at my LYS. I was too impatient to order some online! Anyhow, I increased the border on the sides in an effort make it the right size, but it wound up being bigger than the pattern calls for anyway. I should know matter how tidily I swatch, my finished object seems always to be a little bigger. Fortunately, when it really counts I can usually keep the gauge where it ought to be.

I'm also working on the Baby Kimono...I hope to post photos of it later in the week before I send it off for my new niece Leilani! I have to finish it soon, or she will have outgrown it before it gets there.

This looks great. I love the color and I'm glad to see a substitution on the yarn (because I knew I would probably need to do that as well.)
Looks great!
Love the color! yeah, I faithfully swatch as well, only to ignore the ever-present curse of the too-tight knitter: I swear my swatches shrink while I am not looking!
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