Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Must. Use. The. Handknits.

So we did! That's my first dishcloth being modeled by my nekkid child. Quite a little dish, ain't she? I've actually finished another dishcloth but since I'm A) the world's slowest knitter and B) been hit like cockroach with a hammer by life and that pic might not make it up here.

My goal this summer is to do a Log Cabin baby blanket. I have a friend who's adoption dreams are coming true and I want to do something really special. Can ya'll recommend some nice baby friendly yarns? Something machine washable would be best.
Anyway, I love seeing what everyone is doing and hope to contribute tons more.

My favorite baby yarn is Rowan's All Season's Cotton. It's aran weight so knits up quick. Washes and wears very well. My son is now using the blanket I made for my 3 yr old and it still looks great. I think Rowan can be pricey in the States though (I'm in the UK).

I'll have to toss some in with the kids, I hadn't thought about that. :-)
Isn't she a cutie. The washcloth too :)
I really like Bernat Cotton Tots. It comes in solids and varigated colors that "pop" a little more than your typical baby yarns. I'm pondering a grape kimono for a coworker who is expecting this fall.
Too funny!! Hit like a cockroach! Ha!
Know that feeling, unfortunately! Here's to Jack Daniels and Zoloft!

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