Monday, May 08, 2006


A new addiction

Hi, my name is Cindra and I am a knitting addict. I must confess that the Mason Dixon knitting book has definitely been an enabling partner. All those lucious pictures, the easy instructions, beautiful colors and the accepting attitude that we all make mistakes. I felt at home and immediately accepted by a book. Drama aside, I have had so much fun. I started the log cabin blanket (as a quilter, this was such a fun concept) and while doing it came up with so many fantasies of other versions... I have started two more.
Happy Knitting!

The blanket looks great! :)
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I love your colors! What kind of yarn are you using?
I am using Tahki by Stacy Charles, INc. It's Cotton Classic. I love it. I have been working on another log cabin with a different weight yarn that is turning out pretty cool, too.
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