Thursday, May 11, 2006


New Knitter loving the book!

I have only been knitting for 3 weeks as of today. I saw an episode of Knitty Gritty on the DIY network and thought maybe I could do that. So I ran out to Wal-mart and bought some bad yard and some starter needles. Someone mentioned knitting blogs to me, and I stumbled across Mason Dixon Knitting and ordered the book. It is my first knitting book, and I want to make everything in there.

Here I what I have made so far from the book:

This is actually Warshcloth #2. Number #1 was given away before I could get a picture of it.

My best friend just found out she is going to be a grandmother to identical twin boys. I did finish this kimono today. I made the other sleeve and side in white peaches and cream. The second kimono will be white with one blue side.

Two mitered squares. I have no idea what they will turn into when I am done, but they looked like fun to try!

This is just some of the yarn purchased to make the lacy nightie. My niece is getting married this fall and I thought the nightie would be a wonderful shower gift. The yarn is slightly bluer than shown here.

I also started a cushion cover based on the warshrag pattern. It is just so much fun to work up.

These aren't all the projects I have completed already, but they are all the projects I have worked on from the book. I am addicted. I ordered tons of felting yarn yesterday to make the boxes and a button hole bag or two! Three weeks in and I have a stash and storage problems already!

i am so impressed with your knitting! i can't believe that you have only been knitting for 3 weeks!!!! i ahve been knitting for about 5 years and i am somewhat intimidated by some of those patterns...especially the mitered aquares! you go girl!!!!
Way to go Rebecca, it is hard to believe you have only been knitting for 3 weeks. You are on fast forward for sure.
Umm, stash we all know how that is. The stuff reproduces in the closets, really. It isn't our fault there isn't any birth control for yarn ;)
Wow you go girl! You are knitting like crazy! That is what makes this book good, it has something for all types of knitters and lots of inspiration!
WoooEeee! You are on a roll! What an inspiration! I have been knitting since November 05 and you are trying things that would intimidate the heck out of me.
Love the colors of your washrags. Where did you get those cones of yarn?
Unbelievable! You go girl!
I am truely impressed. I just taught my first ever knitting "class" last night and I can only hope that they do as well as you!
Thanks for all the comments.

I got the cones of Peaches and Cream at .
Lovely work! I am a two year old knitter and am nowhere so confident and accomplished. The book is on my wish list; there are so many great projects.
Yay Rebecca!! This book is too great for newbies--so many easy & utterly addictive patterns. Congrats!
I love the color combo of your "warshrag"!!!
You are off to a fabulous knitting start! You must be a quick study.
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