Monday, May 29, 2006


Seen in The Wild...

... another washcloth! I'm becoming addicted. I finally figured out what it is about the humble washcloth/dishcloth that is so much fun. You know that feeling you get when you not only complete a project but then actually *use* it. The first time you slip on that sweater or socks that you made *all by yourself*?! The same feeling greets me when I reach into the kitchen drawer to get a fresh washcloth and I made it myself. Simple things, people. Simple things. :)

Very pretty! What type of yarn did you use?
Yes -- what is that color? Looks like an exotic animal to me! I thought my obsession would be starting to fade by now, but last night I came up with a really cool color idea, so I suppose I'll have to see it through!
It's Peaches & Creme yarn, in White and JellyBean. I found a bin of it at Wal-Mart and got one of every color. :) At $1.27 a ball, how could I resist?
I Love the colors of the washrag! Is it a variegated color or a mix?
Hi--Could you please tell me how you do the end of rows when you join the color? I know that is a dumb question but my washcloth looked horrible on that side. Yours is really pretty and neat. Thank you in advance for a response. Charlotte
JellyBean? Was there a number to go with it? I'm having a dickens of a time finding it on the web.

Thank you.
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