Monday, May 08, 2006


The Very Autumn Log Cabin

I once said I'd never make another blanket once the commissioned blanket was done. As you can see I'm a liar.
The Mason-Dixon Knitting book is the first knitting book I've ever bought where I've wanted to make every single pattern. I love the practicalness of it (and I'm not a practical person).

I'm using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry, Blueberry, Winter Night, some goldish color whose name excapes me, and I'm also throwing in some leftover Noro, & KP Evergreen.

I'm so addicted to the style, that I'm making another one, but with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Permission Rose, Pink & Putty, and because I'm only using three colors it looks like a peppermint swirl. I'll post photos of it when it gets a bit bigger.

I absolutely love those colors. I want to do a log cabin blanket but I'm completely stuck on which colors I want to use. I just can't seem to decide!
Thank you!

I think one of the things I really love about this blanket is that I'm using yarn I had lying around the house.
the colors are great. That touch of variagated (is that the Noro) really sets it off and makes it unique. How big will it be?
Your blanket really got me looking at my stash to see what I might have on hand. I think doing that really can revitalize how you see the colors that are right in front of you.
Dorothy - I'm not sure. I've four skeins, each, of the main four colors, two of the brown & one each of the Noro. I think I'm going to see how far it gets me & then if need be order more or just stop.

Susan - That's what's so great about the pattern, there's so much you can do to make it your own
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