Thursday, May 18, 2006


Vibrant Baby Kimono

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to see all the great work being inspired by this book...what a wonderful thing! This is my version of the Baby Kimono. I knit it from Sugar and Cream yarn. I also just threaded the ribbon through the left side and then through the eyelet edge so that the ribbons would be removable for washing. I was also a little tired of sewing at that point, so really it was a win-win! I think the colors are perfect for a Leilani, which is my niece's name...I increased the cast-on stitches to 50, and made it proportionally bigger so that she'll have to grow into it a little. Better too big than too small!

It's great that so many of us are working on this project...I love seeing all the different ones!

I'm working on a baby kimono right now and am so happy to see it in vibrant colors. This is just beautiful. Mine is something my daughter won't thank me for because it's not machine washable but the yarn just grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go! Pictures as soon as I get this done! -- Sally
I love these colors!!!!
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Allison, the pattern in the book shows the amout of yarn needed for the solid color as 2 balls. But the varigated balls don't have as much yarn on them. Were you able to complete your with 2 balls, or did you need 3?? I know you made yours bigger... do you think 2 balls would be enough for the smaller size??
Lynsy - I actually used almost 4 balls for this one, but I also made it a little bigger than the pattern in the book...I suspect that the smaller size could be done with 3. Hope that helps...Alison
Alison, those colors are fabulous! Yay Sugar & Creme for making such delightful colorways!
I'm having trouble with the eyelet edge, how did you do yours.
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