Monday, May 29, 2006


Who Knew?

Remember my miter squares? Turns out they wanted to become a baby mat, the kind every baby needs for stretching out on the floor for kicking exercises. I put on a backing of Butterfly cotton for extra cushiness. Then I picked up stitches around the edges for a sawtooth border of individual miters. The pictures show the whole piece, the border detail on a corner, and the corner turned back to show the backing. I'm very happy with it and it was fun, but it did take me quite a while. Think I'll cast on a dishcloth to cleanse the palate before I jump into log-cabin squares!

That's beautiful!

I'm loving all the different ways everyone's going when we all started with the same book!
What a lucky baby to be able to crawl around on that. Just gorgeous!
Oh my gosh that is beautiful!! Please give more details on the backing. I really want to do mitered squares, and have been wondering about what to do for the back.

Excellent job!! Kristin
That is wonderful!
Wow! That is definitely what every little baby needs to stretch out on. (But how do we get them to stay there?)

I was looking at the different rugs in the book this morning, trying to figure out how to justify buying the yarn to make one. You just provided me with the perfect answer -- hooray!
Michelle, any time I can be a co-enabler to someone's yarn addiction, I'm happy to oblige! :)
Oh my, that's sooooooo beautiful. I'm inspired, thanks for sharing!
Well, you certainly put me to shame. I am very impressed. Way to go. That is some special baby to have such a wonderful mat. I can't wait to see the log cabin. The book hasn't been out that long. Great job!
excellent! what a great thing you've made!
That is beautiful!!!!

It is amazing to see how everyone puts their own signature on these patterns.
It's inspired me to try some new things.
I'm almost done with my Nina Shawl!!!
Wow, that's totally cool! Isn't it great when a project just tells you what it wants to be? Except of course when it's very firm about being a queen sized bedspread. Mine is adamant, I've been trying to talk it into being a baby blanket. I've even put it on time out to work on Icarus for a bit, still no go.

Have fun!!

BEAUTIFUL!! What yarns did you use??
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