Monday, June 12, 2006


3 Squares Done!

Here's my log-cabin blankie so far. I'll make one square with each color as the center block and then choose my three favorites to duplicate to have nine total. Still contemplating method of joining. I'll probably pick up stitches along the edges and then use three-needle bind-off. (Hate to sew!!) Real happy with it so far. I anticipate a lengthy period of square shuffling to choose the final configuration - took me ages to arrange just these three squares to take the picture!!

This is great - I love your color choices. I started one this weekend and it's interesting to do with fleece (let's just say it takes an extra minute or 2 to pick up those stitches!).
I Love your colors! Would not have thought of this combination. Please knit fast and let us see some more pictues! It's just great.
So beautiful! I love it in blues!
Yikes, Amy O', I can't imagine that! Are you using a crochet hook? I used chenille in a miter square and a crochet hook was my only option to pick up stitches. On the plus side, your blankie will be super-cozy!
You are an inspiration Becky! I'm just in the planning stages of your throw for my bro's xmas gift. I posted a few designs below and am still futzing with it. I love the idea of alternating centers! I'm relatively new to knitting and love to challenge myself. Could I find instructions for a three needle bind off on the internet or will you have to do something special to accomplish it? Thanks again for the inspiration!
Your squares are really beautiful, and so even. I haven't started a log cabin yet (on the to-do list) but I am concerned about having uneven squares. I have seen some posted that were a littled askew. What is your secret for getting them so "square" and even?

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Your squares are wonderful - soft and warm looking. Have you thought about just crocheting them together - slip stitch - fast and strong.
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beautiful!!! love the colors.
If you go to the website: they have an index of techniques and the 3 needle bind-off is there with helpful pictures.
I wish I had thought of the idea of making many small squares instead of one big one. I'm working on a log cabin blanket right now, and it's getting less fun as the sides get longer. :-/
Beautiful! It's so crisp and tailored looking. Very classy.
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