Monday, June 19, 2006


76 Trombones led the big parade

But 96 mitered squares cover a bed!

I've been squaring up for about a month now, cheating only for a dalliance with the M-D warshcloth, which has long since gone to a new home with a favorite 7 y.o. girl and a couple of flings with the ballband.****

I'm just about halfway there with the squares. I keep thinking about what Ann and Kay have to say about the queen sized afghan, "They'll think you're crazy, but who cares. They probably already think that any way." (I'm paraphrasing, but I think I got the jist of it. If I didn't, don't correct me. Those words are getting me through.)

****okay, I didn't mention the thing with the Debbie Bliss Denim, the bib. But it's still on the needles. Can't count that. Nobody needs to know.

Look at all the pretty colors! Great job. You have been one busy bee lately.
Oh, I want to do those mitered squares...but I can't imagine all that seaming. Yours are gorgeous!
Your squares are so pretty! Which yarn did you use for them?
I bought a bunch of Jo Sharp 8 ply on sale a few years ago, and started with that. I've since supplemented it with some Cascade 220. So it's wool, not cotton; the gage is about 6 stitches to the inch, I think.
I can't imagine all the seaming either, but oh well. It'll get done. At first, I thought it might be a two month project. I think I'd better give myself a Christmas deadline, instead.
What a fun photo! My one little mitered square is looking mighty lonely on my couch now!
that photo is looks like a square invasion
What size bed would this cover?

I was curious about that,,,
This is also on my to do list!
These are great take along projects that do not require a lot of room on the airplane or in the car,,,,,great summer knitting,
Socks were my favorite take along knits but this is a great idea!
Who would have thought I'd want to KNIT a bedspread?
(You just gotta love this book !)
Looks like it'll be a queen size, Pamela.
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