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Alternatives to Peaches 'n Creme

Just a thought: I've been using Lily Sugar 'n Cream and Lion Cotton with great success for MDK patterns. Many folks seem to find Peaches at Wal-Mart, but I don't shop there on principle.

Sugar 'n Cream and Lion Cotton appear to be virtually interchangeable with Peaches, and are readily available at other stores such as Hancock Fabrics, Michael's, and Joann. All three have websites that feature the yarns.

I 2nd that sentiment for Walmart. I DESPISE that place so much...that i'll pay double for peaches n' cream (2.50 instead of 1.25) just so I can support my local hardware store and NOT have to support the unethical business practices of that nasty place.
I use a worsted weight cotton that I get at my LYS called Saucy.
The Hancock Fabric near my house was having a "store closing" sale and I scored some Lion Cotton for cheap. I hadn't seen or used it before but it was cotton yarn on sale. Having now used it... It rocks! And it comes in 5 oz balls which means it goes a little farther than either the Sugar n'Cream or the Peaches and Cream.

There's a JoAnn Crafts near me too and they had a pretty good yarn selection.
i'm with you on walmart as well. i've been using sugar n cream which is found all over the place. i like peaches and cream a little better. the fibers are smoother. but not enough to give walmart any of my $
Right on, sister! I get my cotton yarn (and even some of my wool!) at the locally owned craft store. Not too many of those around anymore, so I try to support them as much as I can!
I agree with your stance on Walmart,,other stores carry this or you can order it direct,,,
I think there comes a time when our prinicples take precedence,,even if it means not getting what you want ~
Not many people do this today,
Call the main company which is based in the US!! I ordered directly from them and it was worth it,,
Peaches and Cream as far as I know is U.S. based, Sugar and Cream is based in Canada,,,
i'm with you on the Walmart (ech, just typing it makes me want to go wash my hands) thing.
i think you can find Peaches 'n' Creme at Michael's and at JoAnn's.
I haven't ever really shopped that much at Walmart... never had a strong opinion, but I suspect I knew that Walmart isn't a good thing... the start of outsourcing many more than just local jobs. Even killing alot of our manufacturing business, but now I know I won't shop there! Are we okay with Michael's, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby?
Just want to congratulate you on not shopping at Walmart. We live pretty near a Walmart and a Sam's Club and drive a fair bit to shop at Costco and other stores. Just doing our little bit to not put money in the pockets of these unconscionable people!
Amen sister! Thank you for giving me some alternatives - I'd heard of the Sugar n' Cream but not about the Lion Cotton - I've been sneaking into Wal-Mart souly for the Peaches n' Cream, and let me tell you, it's always almost empty - it's some popular stuff.
Thank you for linking that article to renew my desire to boycott that place. :)
I use Plymouth's fantasy Naturale from the LYS - or Tahki's Cotton classic is gorgeous too. It's more $$ than sugar & cream, but it doesn't fade or shrink - and it is sooo nice to knit with - besides it supports my LYS and that's always good too. The color ranges are FANTASTIC! cotton Classic comes in like 110 different colors. I use a size 8 needle with the Fantasy Naturale b/c it is heavier, but everything turns out nicely so it's working for me.
I don't mean to sound snarky, but this isn't exactly news. There are many, many posts on this KAL of people using P&C alternatives with good results, and the ability to order directly from Elmore-Pisgah is even mentioned in the book. Walmart is no jewel to be sure (I have relatives who are stuck at a dead-end Walmart job and they despise every minute spent there), but can we please stick to knitting?
I totally agree. Walmart is a horrible company & they treat their employees like crap. It is definitely worth it to seek out alternative yarns and/or stores.
I agree that this blog is meant to be about knitting, but I have no problem getting a side order of social activism here and there. Knitters of the world unite!! :)
(P.S. I knew Walmart were the badguys, but that link told me things I hadn't heard yet!)
I just finished reading your book and wow, there are so many projects I want to tackle! The bathmat on page 82 calls for Peaches & Creme DOUBLE WORSTED cotton. I have searched the internet and can't seem to find a place that sells it. Any suggestions? Shana
You can buy Double Worsted Peaches n Creme as well as the regular worsted weight in cones (the cheapest way), single balls or 4-packs, directly from the manufacturer's Web site, thus getting what you want while snubbing your nose as Wal-Mart.

The site is, shall we say, basic, and not the easiest to negotiate, but it works fine. They take PayPal and, I think MasterCard.
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