Monday, June 12, 2006


Another Kimono

Modified this one by simply NOT adding sleeves.

You can see more details about the project here.

This is adorable. I love what you have done with the lime accents! Too Cute!
LOVE IT!! How girly and cute!
I absolutely LOVE this! What a precious idea! Beautiful work!
That is about the sweetest thing I have seen. Perfect for summer! Great job!
very cute!
OMG, I love this kimono!!!!
what a great idea about no's thinking..... ;)
Love it! Have several friends with summer babies due in July. Might be the baby must have fashion in Atlanta this summer!
I LOVE it! Of course, that's what everyone else said. Sigh. Not too original today. I wasn't feeling the long-sleeved one, but this one has caught my fancy by its fancy pants!
Y'all are too kind, thanks for all the lovely compliments!
I love, love, love it! What a creative change to the pattern. The colors are perfect too!
i absolutely LOVE the "layered look" on the sleeves!! you did a wonderful job on this! what a lucky baby. thank you for sharing with us.
So sweet!
No, not another kimono...a one of a kind!
Absolutely beautiful! So cute.
Absolutely darling! How did you get the green accents near the armhole -those two bands of green? It almost looks like duplicate stitches?
Do you have a blog? You're such a clever knitter. I love this adaption to the pattern.
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