Friday, June 16, 2006


Big Dottie cloth in Black/White

And here's the Big Dottie face cloth I made last week for my daughter. It turned out so well I'm thinking the linen handtowels would be nice in this same pattern.
I have completed two of the bubbly curtains that I'm doing using the crochet thread and this was a nice break before I begin the third and last curtain.
Oh, and Kelly I love your Big Dottie colorful dishcloth. There are loads of free dishcloth patterns on the internet.

The black and white looks great, Jo; very graphic. And I'll get searching for patterns on the web. Ann's essay "In Defence of the Warshrag" gets right at it: I'm a very new knitter, and making dishcloths is proving to be a great way to learn and practice and play all at the same time. Plus the potential for a really bad pun about no strings attached knitting -- but I'm not going to go there. Kelly
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