Thursday, June 15, 2006


"Big Dotty" becomes (you guessed it) a cotton wash cloth

This was fast, and a lot of fun. I'm going to try it in slightly tamer colors next, probably blue and yellow. I'm finding I really like these slip stitch patterns (this one, and the ball band wash cloth). Can anybody suggest a good place to look for more? Is there a particular Barbara Walker volume, for example, that has a bunch? Or another stitch dictionary?

Thanks, Kelly

I LOVE that you made a wash cloth out of this pattern! The colors are so vibrant and cute and so different from the cushion in the book! Kelly, creative knitters like you are the reason knit-a-longs are so much fun and inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing this!
i think this is the first blog i saw with too many team members.

it is nice to see people unite. wow my time is up. i just finished writing my blog in english and start to explore the world of english blog.

I think you, Kelly, are the right person to take on the challenge of turning every pattern in the book into a washcloth! I love this one so much and would never have thought of it. What? You can knit a dishcloth in more than one pattern? Get out! xox Kay
Wow, I love Big Dotty as a washcloth! I plan on blatently stealing your idea!
That is too cute. I have a small child's rocking chair that someday will get a Big Dotty cover. What a great way to practice the pattern first - a washcloth! Well done!!
Your dishcloth looks just wild!
I'll have to try that as I'm addicted to dishcloths of all sorts.
soooooo cute and fun! I thought I had quelched my washcloth frenzy! I can't wait to try one like this.
Hi Kelly, Here is a link to a book called slip stitch knitting. I have it and really like it. tg/detail/-/1883010322?v=glance - 95k -

I confess to having stolen your idea. It is fantastic!!
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