Friday, June 16, 2006


Cream-colored Kimono

Hello, all! Like you, I deeply love this book and cannot believe that the washcloth obsession it has sparked in me. It is too hot where I live to be knitting with the beautiful Lamb's Pride Bulky wool and mohair blends that fill my stash. The Mason Dixon Knitting book inspired me to explore the use of cotton yarns this summer. I'm even plotting a bathroom rug.

I went a little crazy making a baby layette for a friend of mine. Here's my version of the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby kimono.

Detail of the ribbon tie also shown. The directions said sew, not knot, but I wanted the baby's mom to be able to remove the ribbon before washing.

Excellent solution for the ties! I too was concerned about how yucky ribbon somethings looks after washing.
That's beautiful ribbon.
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