Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Elann Esprit yarn

I was just looking at this yarn and wondering if anyone has used it for any of the MDK projects. It comes in a bazillion colors and could be great for log cabins or whatever. But I don't know about it's softness or anything else. Does anyone know?

Hi--the Elann Esprit has elastic in it. It is a close cousin to Cascade Fixation sock yarn.

I love it for the right use--it's very soft. But the elastic makes it unusual to knit with so I'm not sure it would make good yarn for big projects like blankets.

I'd love to know if anyone has tried the Elann Sonata--looks like a very close cousin to Tahki Cotton Classic (mercerized cotton). Comes in 48 colors. xoxo Kay
I used Esprit for a baby kimono and it came out really well. Very soft.I figured it would be easy to get on the baby with the bit of stretch.
I don't think I would use it for a blanket though
Kay Sonata is just like Tahki, same gauge and silken finish.
So strange to find this post today. I just ordered my first couple balls of Sonata last night! I think it's going to be for a couple hats, but we'll see.

I'm doing the Chevron Stripes towel with Tahki Cotton Classic and I'm really liking it. So if Sonata is similar... Yay!
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