Monday, June 19, 2006


Favorite MD Pattern

Hi everyone, first time poster here. I just wanted to give my two cents on how great the log cabin bath mats are!! Here's my humble attempt, using three strands of "sugar 'n cream" held together (2 natural colored, 1 white). I was worried that it wouldn't be thick enough to be useful but it's actually much better than my cheapo blue rug from IKEA that's next to it. Best of all, since it's small, I just hang it over the shower door to dry out. I think this is one of my all-time favorites and I'd recommend this project to any knitter :) ~Polly

I'm itching to knit this one. Yours looks great!
I've been wanting to make this one too! Really nice color combo!
good to know about triple stranding the sugar'n cream...what size needles did you use?

It looks wonderful!
I just picked up the yarn to knit this one over the weekend, I'm so looking forward to it - did your hands tire with 3 strands on a 15 needle?
I like yours a lot. How much of the yarn did you use?
Thanks for the three strand tip. I can't wait to start this myself.
Thanks for the comments guys! I used a size 15 circ (maybe 32" - the larger the better). The mat size matched perfectly with the book's. Sugar 'n cream has two sizes of skeins, a little 2 oz one and some sort of supersized one that's maybe 4 oz? Anyway, it took over 1 skein of the supersized size of each color so I would buy at least 6 balls of the large size or 9 balls of the small size (any extra yarn can make those cute washclothes). And yes, it does hurt your hands since it is so heavy! I'll post the details of my mat later today on my blog :)
I love the way this rug worked up,,,as a matter of fact I was thinking of making a few lighter rugs for different areas of our home~
has anyone washed one of these yet?
I am wanting to knit up 2 for the mudroom in our home and during winter,,it WILL require more washing!
thanks,,,,great knitting,love it,
I was a little leery of this pattern (but intrigued...) and after seeing yours, I really want to try it! Our bathroom is dark green with deep red accents... wonder how 2 strands of green and one of red would look....

beautiful work!
Great job, Polly. I love your version of the bath mat.
are you using the heavy sugar a creme or the normal weight( worsted) as you do up 3 strands?
I have the very heavy peaches and creme which is twice the weigth of worsted I think.
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