Wednesday, June 28, 2006


First time Blogger

This is my first post. My first project from the book was the baby kimono. I used Sugar and Cream and made matching polymer clay buttons instead of the ribbon.

I have also made a few dishclothes and I'm sure I will be making more.

Before the book came out, I discovered the mitered squares on the Mason-Dixon blog and knew I had to make some. But before I picked up my knitting needles, I started making the little squares in polymer clay and couldn't stop. I have had so much fun with these little squares. I have also been knitting them every chance I get which usually is either at the pool or car knitting.

My finished mitered squares so far. I am knitting the small version (cast on 48). And some of the polymer clay mitered square beads which have become stitch markers and earrings.

I also made some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards - 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches) for a polymer clay swap. And a bangle and earrings for myself.

I started an Absorba bathmat today and love how quickly it is knitting up. It is for a birthday gift next week and then I will start one for myself.

Oh, my god! I love those buttons you made!!!!! Please tell me how I can learn to make some just like yours!
I ADORE those trading cards you made. Those would make great fridge magnets. I'm sure some people here might like to buy a few - hint, hint! Plus my daughter would kill or maim for that bracelet. :)
Oh! How fab everything you make turned out! Love the kimono. What yarn did you use for the miters? Lovely, lovely work!
Love Love Love the buttons and bangle and earings - they are amazing

did I say I LOVE THEM?
Fabulous work -- love the buttons and the other clay things , and all your color work. It looks as if you're using Kay's no-sew mitre blocks (from the blog a few weeks ago). How is that? And ditto on the yarn question.
This looks all fantasic! Very colorful, great work!!!
Wow, how to make me feel totally inadequate. I love the cards and buttons (as well as the knitting, of course).
Love your work, the colors and the funky fun!
Love those buttons and cards! I've always admired polymer clay art.
Just beautiful! You've heard it before (and I'm sure you will again), but I just have to say the colors . . . You mst have that sixth "color" sense.
The yarn I am using for the mitered squares is from my stash. It's Mandarin Naturelle cotton. Yes, I'm using Kay's no-sew mitered squares and I love it. She suggests picking up stitches and then casting on the other half of the stitches using the single cast on method. I tried that and the cast on stitches are difficult to knit on that first row. I use the cable cast on method and find it much easier to knit that first row and see no difference in the finished product.

I love making matching buttons for my hand knits. Go to the library and check out some polymer clay books for more information and ideas. I would recommend using Premo clay or Kato polyclay and not Sculpey III. The Sculpey III is what most kids use but it is too brittle after baking for buttons. Premo is made by the same company and should be right next to the Sculpy III. Good luck and have fun. It's addicting.
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You are a very prolific craftser! I love it all, especially the notecards! You don't have a blog do you? I'll bet a lot of people would love to see more of your work!
Only one word comes to mind...talent, talent, talent!!!
( wait that's 3 words...)
Love the matching buttons on the kimono - and the "trading cards"! How mini and cute!!
Wonderful everything! I'm doing no-sew miters, too, but you have knit many more than I. Please think about making the clay squares available to your fellow MDKAL fans!
Wonderful everything! I'm doing no-sew miters, too, but you have knit many more than I. Please think about making the clay squares available to your fellow MDKAL fans!
The mitered squares as stitch markers is an image I'm going to enjoy for a long, long, long, long time. As long as it takes for me to get my butt to the art supply store, get some Premo and make my own. They're so insanely perfect.

Thanks for sharing (and really, please do share if you ever have the time to post more of the details about how you made them).
Again, I just have to add, wow. Love all of your miters, knit and polymer. Lovely, lovely job.
Have to add my plea . . . . .
Please make buttons and earrings and . . . .
available to us knitters
who are NOT talented
when it comes to clay ;=((
Seriously the cutest kimono I have seen!!! I am a rubber stamper and make atcs, but I have never seen any with polymer clay. How fun! I think knitters should figure out an atc swap! ATCs are almost as fun and addicting as knitting.
love those earrings!!
You are one talented Woman!!!!
Wow..amazing stuff there. You should be very proud of your work.

First, let me say what everyone else said earlier, your sense of color is amazing! Obviously very talented in multi-crafts.

Is there a source for purchasing polymer clay buttons, because I really don't want to go off into a while 'nother craft! But I'd like to buy some already made. Never mind, I'll do a google search on that.

Finally, how did you make your kimono less "pointy" there at the bottom? I imagine that instead of continuing your increases up to 40, you probably stayed at maybe a certain stitch count for several inches? Not sure. Thanks!
I have just started to work with polymer clay for buttons as the brand name( big name here) buttons were about 6-8 DOLLARS a button!
I found it to be , well,,addicting
just wanted to know if you are using shading techinqes and using a pasta maker in this or just working with making canes etc?
THAT TOO is totally addicting,,,
also anyone tried crochet beading?
I am doing a set with pearls now,,,,
( its take along to the hospital work that and knitting,,,)
can you let me know about shading if you are doing this?
thanks,,,LOVE your work!!!!!!!!!!
I just HAVE to add this,,,I do not know ANY other polmer clay people at ALL ! I was TOTALLY floored to see that there was one more !
I have searced all over a 2 state area to find a guild or something,,,,
its SO great to see you incorporating this into your knitting!
what a lovely blend of crafts,,,,,,,
blessings,,,,( again!)
How great these colors and objects are! They are summer in yarn and clay. Thanks for posting them.
Wow! You have been busy and making really neat stuff. Love the kimono - both the colors and the buttons.
everything is beautiful! Can you tell me the length from the underarm to the hem of hte baby kimono? I knitted mine 4 inches as instructed, but now it's not long enough. Thanks!
Hee! Another clayer & knitter in the fray. I love the mitered ATC's. =)
Oh, so clever, so cute!! I LOVE THEM, TOO! Honestly, you're going to have to blog a second time. ; )
Hi, I love the kimono.....did you add length to it???? Also great buttons...cute idea instead of ribbon....what yarn did you use...thanks cherrie
Are you planning on selling pins and earrings? If so, please let me know. I have a friend who would love them.
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