Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Found My Chips

Oh, yeah, the miters have grabbed me, hook, line & sinker. You can have your warshcloths (as I noted previously); but I am rarin' to go with the cotton on this project. I am using Reynolds Saucy I bought from Webs last summer for this very thing. I am glad I waited, because I am using Kay's no-sew instructions from the blog (even though there will be some sewing, as it turns out). I only have 13 skeins for starters and it looks like I'd need 23 to get what she did in the book, but I am also doing the Summer of Stash knitalong, so I won't be augmenting them anytime soon. No worries, as there is lots of yarn in this project bag!

Can you give us a reference as to when the "no-sew" method was blogged, please? I scanned the blog, but can't find it. Must be in the archives, but a month to check would be helpful. Like you, I want to minimize the sewing.
Their blog has a search feature located in the right-hand sidebar, which is how I found the entry, but it is definitely a recent one, from within the last month or two ~
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