Sunday, June 04, 2006


Green needles

Hi everybody: I'm almost done with a burp cloth in Sugar'n Cream Summer Splash (see below for the color) -- and the dye from the yarn seems to be turning my bamboo needles green. Has anyone else had a problem with that sort of staining? Any idea if it's permanent, or better, how to remove the color from the needles? I'd hate for the green to end up transferring onto the next project on these needles. Thanks for any suggestions!

Baby wipes! Green dyes seem esp. prone to run.
I had a severe case of this with some teal Aurora 8 that I bought. Turns out that the mill "forgot" to set the dye. When I washed the capelet I made, it sprayed blue water all over my sink. It never stopped running. You might bind off what you've done, wash it and see what happens. It did stain my bamboo needles as well as my clothes. I also know of someone who had this problem with the old Mission Falls. HTH.
You can take fine sandpaper and sand your bamboo needles until the color is removed. I had to do that when one of my pups decided to gnaw on the very tip of one of my size 13 bamboos. Worked fine.... no harm, no foul.
Some of my bamboo needles have slight tints to them, too...if it doesn't rub off on your hands, it won't get on the yarn.
I've had that happen a few times with wool, and I made the mistake of trying to rinse the stain off (just water and maybe a teeny bit of soap). Well, I think I removed some of the varnish because those needles are more draggy than they were before. Like Lyssa said, you're safe it if doesn't come off on your hands.
i've had it happen with a pink novelty yarn. it doesn't affect any other kniting on them afterwards. my father (master knitter) also had problems with a soy yarn, dyed his newly purchased birch needles purple.
Manda, you should definitely lightly sand the needles with very fine sandpaper. It's unlikely there's any finish on those needles other than perhaps a light coat of some kind of finishing oil. Water on wood always always always raises the grain, causing the roughness. A simple light sanding should bring them right back.
I kind of like my blue bamboo needles. it makes them very easy to match up!
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