Wednesday, June 28, 2006


How do I add pictures?

I finally have some FO pictures that I want to post here and I don't see anywhere where you can add pictures. Can someone help, please? Thanks. --Sally

From the screen that you created your post on, there is a tool bar that is similar to a tool bar in Word, etc. with fonts, justification, bold, etc. Towards the far right hand side of that tool bar is a small icon that looks like a picture. After you click on it, a screen will pop up. Click on the browse button and select the picture(s) that you want to post. When you are finished, click on the upload button at the bottom. This should allow you to post pictures. Good luck! Hope this helps!
Thanks, Amy. Here I go! --Sally
Nope -- no icon that looks like a picture! HELP!!!
I copied and pasted the directions from the first post of this KAL explaining how to post pictures...maybe this will help! From what screen did you create this post? Good luck!

5. How do I post a picture?
When you create a new Blogger post, you'll see icons above the text you're typing. Click on the icon on the right; this will pop up a window that has a few options. You can upload a picture from your computer, insert a picture from a website (use this option if you've already uploaded a picture elsewhere), and select where in the post the picture will be placed. When you've entered the necessary information, select "upload picture" and Blogger will automatically insert the code into your post.
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