Wednesday, June 21, 2006


In Memory of Nana,,,,the Humble Washcloth

Yesterday, we took my husband's father to the hospital for a day surgery, when we came home I prepared a light dinner for him.

As I was cleaning , I opened the kitchen drawer only to find a stack of the simple Peaches and Creme washcloths, made many years ago.

Nana( his wife and hubby's mother)... died 4 years ago, and is deeply missed by her family,,,,,,yet a smile emerged from me,,,that something SO simple could bring back a fond memory of her.

A simple washcloth.

I proceeded to do clean the kitchen for hubby's father,,,and wiped away a tear ,,, as I used her washcloth made up years ago.

Dont ever think a simple washcloth cannot be a gift to your family,,,it was to me.

What a wonderful discovery you made in finding those dishcloths. Thank You for the reminder that something so simple can be very important.
Can we have a picture of the legacy warshrag?
Wow. Thank you for sharing that with us. That is the kind of memory many of of hope to inspire.
I agree that handmade items made by loved ones no longer here are so important and special. I would love for you to post a picture of the washrags.
How how wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
I hope to learn how to take picts with the digital camera soon,,,(as soon as I can I will be posting some picts of Nana's Warshrags,,,she would have loved it!)

I really cant tell you what it did to my heart to see something she had made with her hands again!
It made me smile,,, and want to knit lots of things for love for my family and our home.
I guess we tend no to think about things like this til we see them years later.

I was given some of her knitting needles , and plan to keep them to hand down to my future grandchildren. THOSE are the needles they will start on!
This is a lovely story. I have made several warshcloths and just today gave one to a sweet elderly friend who is a great knitter and full of fun. I told her it was only a dishcloth, but she said it was really a reminder of a fine friendship.
That was wonderful. I would love to see a picture of them too. Makes you wonder where the stuff we make will end up. It made me think of my Great-Grandmother. I have some pot holders she knitted. I also remember that every year, my Mom would trace my sister's and my feet and send them to my Great-Grandmother. She would then make use slippers. I wished that I learned how to make them. I would love to continue the traditon and make them for my son and for my nieces and nephew. They were sort of triangular shaped from the side and stretched as you put them on. They were like low cut socks. If any one out there has a pattern, I would really appreciate it.
I think I may have a pattern like you are suggesting,,my aunt had it,
did this pattern you wanted just need to be seamed up the back?
as I recall my mom and everyone carried them in their purses so when they visited each other's homes no one would get their white living room carpets dirty( those were the days when they all had white carpet , remember that?)
if you want the pattern for this one I have it written down somewhere but it does need to have one seam sewn up the back,,
ps my name is Pamknits or Pamela ,it got sort of confused on this blog but I am one person,,,
let me know if you want mom's old pattern be happy to share it,,
blessings to all,,,,
Pamela or Pamknits(-:
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