Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Kureyon Log Cabin

I started this the day I got my copy of the book. It used about 8 skeins of Noro Kureyon colour 52, and it is about 40 inches square. It now belongs to a friend's new baby. I enjoyed every minute of it, and at the end I had two ends to sew in! This picture was taken by Ellen, owner of my LYS Needles and Pins.

Your Log Cabin blanket is gorgeous! It is so rich, and the depthness of the color and design makes it look almost three-dimensional. Beautiful work!
Oh, that is gorgeous.
Great work. What a wonderful present!
How wonderful!
SO Beautiful!! Love all the cool blues.
That's probably the first time I looked at a Noro FO and thought "That's GORGEOUS!" Noro's not really my bag but that is scrumptious!!
Thanks for posting the quantity of yarn that you used and the finished size- very helpful in planning future projects! Really beautiful work!
this is so gorgeous! wonderful job. i love how it is just one color of noro but it has so much depth to it!
That's really lovely, and the color works so well. Great idea!
That is a beaut !Lucky baby.
That IS lovely...and I like that it's a baby blanket without baby colors. I'm knitting the anti-baby log cabin blanket right now. Lots of autumn colors (rust, green, and grays). That way the child won't be embarrassed to use the blanket when he/she is 20. But you said you only had two ends to weave in at the end? So you aren't cutting your ends and weaving every time you change colors/orientation? Are you carrying the strands like on the MD warshrag?

That's my plan too! I was plotting to make a square afghan like the one in the book that was sold on eBay, but your log cabin is gorgeous too! Now I've gotta decide whether I want multiple colors, or just one!
Thanks for all the kind words, but the yarn really did all the work.
Toni, this yarn is self-striping, so all I had to do was keep knitting around without the need to change colours. Since Kureyon is 100% wool, I moistened the ends of the skeins and spliced them together to join. I should mention that this photo was taken before I finished the whole thing off with a border of about 8 garter stitch rows of royal blue Manos.
That will be one fascinated baby! xo, Phila. Cristina
excellent! i does look 3 dimensional. very pretty.
Wow, that is gorgeous.
A border of blue Manos? Someone get the smelling salts - I think I'm going to faint! PLEASE post a picture of the finished project if you have one!
Stunning! Great work!
AAAAAAAAAAARa! Gooooooooaaaaaal!

You chose a great colorway. A blankie after my own heart. xox Kay
Cool blanket! I'm trying the same thing, only in Silk Garden. Something for my apartment when it's finished.
Aara, Lovely to see the Kureyon blankie! It's a great colourway and it looks gorgeous.
SWOOOOOOOON. That is just spectacular.
Just beautiful! Nice job.
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