Wednesday, June 21, 2006


More Customized Kimonos

Someone stop me.

Here's some pics of my latest kimonos, you can see more as well as mods and project specs on my blog here.

Thanks for looking!

Could they possibly be cuter??? I have a friend who just had a baby last Friday, and I needed a warm weather outfit to make. Thanks!!
So cute! Keep going--wait till you get into the wool blends for those--you'll never stop.
Your kimonos are just darling! And your tags are very creative!!
I absolutely love the modifications you've made! I'm desperate to start a short-sleeved kimono, but I'm trying to restrain myself until I finish my Moderne Log Cabin!
are you making your own tags?
and if so,how are you doing this,,its just too cute for me NOT to ask about,and its so special for people to know you took the time to make something special for them,,,,,love your kimono's!
Oh wow! Look at the ruffles on the bottom of the pink one! Beautiful!!

I am about to start one in hopes of having it done for a friend's shower in 2 weeks...but the pattern looks harder than I thought. Is that really that easy?Pray for me y'all!
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