Tuesday, June 27, 2006


my first commissioned work

I made my own version of the "blankie of many colors" for my 4-year-old daughter after she pointed to it in the book, saying, "I want THIS." (How wonderful is it that she already appreciates handknits!) As a fairly new knitter, this blanket was a great way to learn about how colors interact and play off each other. My daughter's only criticism was that her new blankie didn't come with a tag for her to rub between her fingers like her old store-bought blanket does. So, I've ordered personalized tags with my name from charmwoven.com to sew on all my handknits from now on.

I really like this version of the blanket, great colors. What kind of yarn did you use?
what a lucky little girl. good for you! it looks great!
Looks great! I'm curious too, what yarn did you use? I like the colors :)
It's gorgeous!! I love how the colors work together too. I love the idea of putting a handmade label on the blanket too. I may have to go get some labels myself!

Your blanket is beautiful - good job!

blissfulknitter AT gmail DOT com
Gorgeous! I'm just picking out yarn for a baby blanket and seeing yours is making me anxious to get started. Congrats!
Yes, the blanket is beautiful. Love the colors! What yarn did you use?
The blanket is absolutely gorgeous. Your daughter is lucky.

Also - you may want to look at Grumperina's tutorial on making tags yourself. It's pretty easy - all you need is an iron, an inkjet printer, some ribbon and some iron on transfer paper. http://www.grumperina.com/knitting.htm
Absolutely gorgeous!!
The yarn is Tahki Cotton Classic, just like the book calls for. If your looking to design your own blanket, you might want to try to find the color card so you can actually see the yarn in front of you. I ended up sending alot of colors back that just didn't go.
please tell the colors you used, i really like the combination of colors
Your blanket is gorgeous! Congratulations on such a beautiful job. Thanks for posting the picture!
I think that the blanket is great. I really thank you for the info about personal tags. I own a small craft business and personal tags are handy it will save me alot of time stitching the name of my business.
i really like the colors. thanks for the info about the personal tags i own a small craft business and those tags will be very handy. It will save me from stitching in the name of my business. :)
Those colors are amazing! Nice work!
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