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Back to the dishcloth cotton (Sugar and Cream), this time for a version of the Nina shawl, hand towel size. A couple of thoughts and notes: Next time I’d replace the ruffle with some other sort of trim at the end – a ruffle is a bit much. I did a 2 stitch garter stitch edge on each side; it folds over nicely, and I’ll probably stitch it down. And instead of fair isle for the checkerboard, it’s the two-and-two slipped check from Barbara Walker’s third book. Slipped stitches and dishcloth cotton just go together so well. The check has to be worked on dpns or a circular needle, so I did the whole thing on a size 7 Denise needle on a 12" cord -- the cotton slides on it very easily. More of the story on my blog. Kelly

ohmigosh. I can't love you enough. This is faaaaabbbb.
That is so adorable!
*That* is neat.
What a great idea! I love it (more than the original, actually!). And I like the ruffle - it's short enough to not be de trop, I think...
Clever! I love seeing how everyone is melding the patterns and making versions of the different patterns. It's great. This is some of the best parts of KALs I think!
Why didn't you like the ruffle? I think it 'makes' the towel! I used a ruffle all around a dishcloth, and it is my favorite one. Your project is really cute!
Thanks everybody -- making this was so much fun. You wouldn't believe how many people who saw it in progress said "That's too cute to be a towel" (Actually, you all probably *would* believe it!) -- but isn't it just the point that a towel ought to be good looking? The pattern offers so many great ways to play with colors.

Anyway, about the ruffle: my issues with it are more about the feel of it than the look. No question the piece needs something at the ends to finish it off. You can't tell from the photo, but one ruffle I made by increasing every stitch, the other increasing only every other stitch. It's like Goldilocks: one is too bulky, the other a bit wimpy. Any thoughts on what would be just right would be appreciated.
Kelly, this is absolutely goregeous......I want to make a few also. However, "sigh", I am a really new knitter...learning through the KAL and mostly doing lots of different patterns dishcloths. So, would you mind sharing the # of stiches you cast on for the repeat of the checkerboard? Would half the stiches required for the shawl be too much? I appreciate the help and keep up the good work!
Glad to help. The check calls for a multiple of 4 stitches, so I cast on 44: 40 for the body + 2 +2 (2 stitch garter stitch edge on each long side, which keeps the stockinette from curling). With the edge, it's 10" wide; about 9" with the edges turned under.

Don't worry -- this is really easy (and I've been knitting just since November myself). If you can knit, purl and slip stitches, just go pick some colors: you're ready. (I found the check pattern on page 260 of Barbara Walker's Charted Knitting designs.)
Kelly, thanks for the help, can't wait to try this!
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