Tuesday, June 06, 2006


One almost done, one just begun

I think I'm almost done with my first log cabin blanket. If it gets much larger, I won't be able to lift it! The Plymouth Fantasy Naturale cotton is great to work with, but it's a bit bulky for a very large item. Still, my family likes it and my husband has already claimed it as his.

I couldn't resist making a start on my Moderne "Teen" Blanket for my daughter. The colors are pretty funky, but so is her room! She loves the way it looks, and I highly recommend the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that I am using. It is lightweight enough, yet has a cozy feel.

Oooh! Beauuuuuutiful log cabin blanket! How long did it take you? i am amazed how everyone has so many FOs when the book hasn't been out that long. Great job!
I love your blanket. The colors match your sofa too. How large is it?
I love the colors in the teen modern blanket. What yarn did you use.
Your log cabin is wonderful!
Stunning!!! How many skeins of CF did you use?
I love your blanket, too. How big is it? Just curious. Thanks, Sally
You have an amazing eye for color! I'm positively drooling over your log cabin blanket. So stunning! Great work!
That is so beautiful! I'm in love with everyone's log cabin blankets.
For both blankets, I took a pillow from the room along with me to the yarn store. I love putting color schemes together, so these were both fun to play with.

Shirley, the log cabin is about 50 x 55 in. so far. Cindra, the teen moderne is made of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I really love it.
Oops, Vera, I missed your question. I don't know yet how much cotton fleece I'll need. I just decided to buy 2 or 3 skeins of each color and play it by ear. I'm not so worried about dye lot with this project.
Hi, Knitloon -

I have a question....how's the seaming on the back of your LC blanket look? Is it a bit lumpy? I'm making one as a gift but the back is less than attractive, and I'm thinking of having it lined afterwards. I'm using the Mission Falls 1824 cotton...it has a nice texture.
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