Sunday, June 04, 2006


One Square Done!

I have officially joined the log-cabin nation. (Heaven help me) This is the first square of what I hope will be a nine-square blankie for my parents' anniversary. This square is 19" x 19", so with a border added the afghan should be a reasonable size. Can you see there is a dark side and a lighter side? I am hoping this will make for some interesting diagonals once it is assembled. Had fun knitting the first square and I have started the second. We'll see if I can maintain my momentum!

It looks fantastic. I love the colors. What yarn are you using?
Becky, those colors are gorgeous.
love it, love it, love it!!!
Beautiful! What a great blanket it will make!!
looks awesome! the colors are soothing. and your knitting is soooo darn....uniform (not all wobbly like my log cabin!!)

keep posting your progress!
It looks great! The dark and light sides are the perfect proportion of subtlety. What yarn is it?
The tones and colors show wonderfully, what great choices. Knit on-
Gorgeous! What color is the yarn?
I love it. The colors work in harmony, and the total effect is soft and comfy. What yarn are you using?
What a gorgeous contrast. They'll love it!
It's beautiful!
This is Encore, my favorite yarn for blankets cause its soft and wooly but you can wash it. The colors don't have names, but they are all heathers except the cream. (Three shades green, two shades brown) Color #'s are 146, 1415, 1405, 668, 678, and 670.

Thanks everyone for your lovely encouragement!
Yeah, you can totally see the lights and darks - I'm sure you can get some good diagonals going on with 9 blocks. It's going to look great! Have fun with it...

love those colours!
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